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Contract Marriage

Scenario: Ameko Kaeruda
Game Graphic: COMINO Team

The protagonist who works as an ordinary bookstore clerk is heartbroken by her jerk boyfriend, she drinks alcohol at the bar, where decides to marry a beautiful CEO. They have made a "marriage contract"!

GL. Marriage contract. President. Cinderella story. Romantic Comedy.
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Two Kisses with Two Men

Scenario:Sumimoto Yu
Game Graphic:COMINO Team

It's the first day of university, and the protagonist is walking with his childhood friends. Two tall and handsome twins, but on the same day, they both confess their feelings!

BL. Love. Twins. Triangular relationship. Romantic Comedy.

Rose and Tears

Scenario: Devon Kuromomo 
Game Graphic: COMINO Team

The protagonist is struggling with their gender and realizing that they're in love with their best friend Haruto, goes to work at Rose & Tears to find out who they are, without knowing, they will also find a family that helps them to discover their identity and true self.

BL. LGBTQ+. Love. Human drama. Crossdresser boy.

Blank Page - Endless Tales -

Scenario: Tsutaya
Design: asua
Game Graphic: COMINO Team

It was a boring day looking for something to do, until an old bookstore appears in front of him. When a boy started to read book, he lost consciousness... and the place where he wakes up is... a world inside the book?

BL. Love. Suspense. Fantasy. Mystery. Dark.
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