COMINO Stories 

A 30-year-old workaholic is thrown into a world of cocktails and coffee-flavored kisses. A charming bartender, a prince, and a younger man await. Can she finally wake up to the idea of love?


Wake up to love!

A 30-year-old workaholic is thrown into a world of cocktails and coffee-flavored kisses. A charming bartender, a prince, and a younger man await. Can she finally wake up to the idea of love?


Shimokita Rose and Tears

The main character remembered a sense of incongruity for his man and gender. When I was in love with my best friend Hart, the hero who has aware of the protagonist is to work in Rose & Tears to be honest. I will wake up with the girls and moms that I met there, and I will wake up myself and meet the understanding.


My Cute, Pure Boyfriend

I have not had the right relationship lead with my boy in first year, how I have to get along with him!?


Love Under The Cherry Blossoms

An office lady who loves to cook happens to capture the heart of an elite from a huge corp with her food!? A heartwarming love story between two working adults born of their lunchtime interaction!


Sachiko's Loner Escape Operation

A young Cinderella's story who is our heroine, a total loner highschool girl Sachiko, becomes popular with the help of a handsome boy!


Cinderella after 4

Yukiko, the heroine whose only hobby is to drink tea elegantly at an old-fashioned cafe every Saturday. One day,she is able to make friends with a very cute girl at the cafe. But something is wrong with her... she always disappears somewhere only at 4pm... What is her true identity that you happened to find out?\n"You, you... were you that man?"


Would you sell your soul?

After being betrayed by her lover, a soul wholly devoured by sadness died in a road accident.

In front of her, appeared a man claiming to be the devil himself. "Service me as an assistant, and I'll return your soul to your body and you can live once again."

Can the heroine play her role successfully as a devil's assistant, and will the devil bring her back to life?


Coming Soon!

coming soon update!


Two Kisses with Two Men

It's the first day of university, and the protagonist has reunited with their childhood friends. The tall and handsome twins. But on the same day, they both confess their feelings to the protagonist!


You're Mine!

Aloof or gentle, handsome or cute? The protagonist is blind-sided by both. The handsome manager and cute assistant manager at the cafe she now works at part-time. Caught in between the two, she has a choice to make melt the Devil's heart or ride into the sunset with the Prince.


The Wife of a Werewolf Detective

The protagonist has been reincarnated into the world of a famous mystery novel "Kirino Otoko Detective." Now, she must team up with her future husband to solve the case of the "mysterious entity" that killed her!


Ghost Town

This is a story based in a ghost town outside the city boundaries, of a guy who hate humans and a girl who help ghosts called "Phantoms" which are unable to pass on due to their attachment to this world.

But there's some connection between the Phantoms and the girl which later on brings about sudden twists.


MLM Love

The protagonist comes across her high school crush who lures her into an MLM company! In order to make it big in life, she says goodbye to her dull old self!


My Younger Boyfriend

After a lot of failures in dating… You get tired of dates...and quit... Then suddenly, you met a man who suits your taste very well! But…

It turns out that this man is a high school student!? What would you do!?


Can you enjoy your youth peacefully in this weird class?

The protagonist who is a second-year student who attended a co-ed public high school...awaiting her In the Summer holidays, the biggest event-a cultural festival. Are there any other events that would reflect any good on her youth? In order to enjoy her youth and to find her romance, she aimed to be the number one on the games in her class on the day of the school festival!