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Q. Is there a way to get diamonds for free?
A. You can get diamonds for free by watching the advertising video in the game. Advertising videos can be viewed "after the chapter" and in the "shop".

Q. What are diamonds used for?
A. You can use use diamonds to choose Diamond Choice, costumes, hairstyles that appear in the middle of the story.
* If you choose Diamond Choice, you can read a more enjoyable story that cannot be seen with the free option.

Q. What is Another Story?
A. In Another Story, you can read game's original story and side story.

Q. How can I read the chapter back from the beginning?
A. You can read the chapter from the beginning by selecting the "Reset" button in the shape of an arrow on the chapter screen.

Q. How can I contact you if I have a request for improvement or an opinion?
A. For inquiries such as requests, questions, and opinions, please use the "Inquiry" button on the setting screen or the form on the web page.

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