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Nari Oh

My diet is finally over!

At last, the time to start a beautiful high school life come to me!

Huh? Wait a minute…
Why are there so many pretty girls around me!?

Yuna Lim

Now I became a high school student.
I can't believe I can stay with Nari again…
This time, I’ll promise that I’m going to have a happy high school life with Nari!

...Hey, Pigtail Idiot and Stupid Blonde! Get out of the way!


Mirae Seo

Ah~ It's great coming to a school after a long time~!
Yuna is here, and also her best friend Nari is here! So, it must be fun!
Hey, Nari~ Let's go play~!


...Ouch! Why are you hitting me, Yuna!?


Seonji Lim

Now I’m in high school…
I can make a new friends here, right?
I really wish that I would be a friend with kind girl like Nari…

...Oh, you want to go eat with me?
Of course I will!


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Original Comics from WEBTOON™ ⓒMorangji