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Would you sell your soul?

"Please, bring me back to life!"

Even if I have to sell my own soul to the devil...


The heroine, who was an ordinary office worker, was run over by a truck and died one day. Because she wants to come back to life, She signed a contract with the devil, named Mephisto. But what she found after the contract is... The contract was to help him to bring the human soul.

The devil who buys the human soul and grants wishes that fit the soul's value.



Kanae Takasaki


A man who ruined his life while gambling. He tries to sell his soul to the devil for money.

Tsukahara Yasushi

Sasaki Wataru

A salary man who cheated on many women with a handsome face and a good job. He tried to get married for business reasons, but the woman he cheated on getting pregnant.


Yamaguchi Mari

A woman who found out that her husband was cheating on her, after she give birth to a child and living centered on her child.

Sakagami Nina

A girl who is being bullied by her family compared to her younger sister. Even at school, she is being bullied by her younger sister and her friends.

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