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The VR Idol lives next door?!

Scenario: Reina
Game Graphic: COMINO Team

I'm not going to fall in love anymore! I'm okay with that.
But... the VR idol of my dreams is the guy next door?!

Idol. Romantic Comedy.

Star Lover

Scenario: Kiiko Mori
Illustration: Tsumi Konohana, Game Graphic: COMINO Team

I'm going to be a ghost writer for the popular idol KIITO! My college life has changed completely after attending a party for the entertainment world. So I guess... I'm a star lover!?

University. Idol.

 Secrets After Class

I'm thinking, I love you
Scenario: RikuUmino(Re,AER)
Illustration: Tsumi Konohana, Game Graphic: COMINO Team

My Japanese teacher is actually a novelist?! Join our heroine Asuka, and enjoy this newly rewritten story!

Forbidden love. High School. Nobody hurt. Pure love.

Cinderella after 4

Cinderella after 4
Scenario: Ren Kanan
Game Graphic: COMINO Team

Yukiko, the heroine whose only hobby is to drink tea elegantly at an old-fashioned cafe every Saturday. One day, she is able to make friends with a very cute girl at the café. However, something is suspicious... She always disappears somewhere only at 4pm... What is her true identity?
                 "You, you... Were you that man?!"

Younger boyfriend. Age difference . Romantic Comedy. Crossdresser boy. Lolita fashion.

Sachiko's Loner Escape Operation

Sachiko's Loner Escape Operation
Scenario: Dei Ai
Game Graphic: COMINO Team

A Cinderella-type story about our heroine, a total loner highschooler girl: Sachiko, who becomes popular with the help of a handsome boy!

High School. Teen. Romantic Comedy. Loner. Cinderella story.

Ghost Town

Scenario: Namitumi
Graphic: COMINO Team

This is a story based in a ghost town outside the city limitations, a guy who hate humans and a girl who helps ghosts called "Phantoms" who are unable to pass on due to their attachment to this world. There's some connection between the Phantoms and the girl, which later on brings about sudden twists.

Suspense. Occult. Supernatural. Modern fantasy.

Would you sell your soul?

Based on a story: Ren Kanan, Scenario:StoryWorks Jinko
Graphic: COMINO Team

You were living a peaceful life when you were suddenly involved in a fatal accident. A stranger claiming to be the devil promises to bring you back to life. All you have to do is accept his terms. Your binding contract sets off a chain of events that puts you on a path of betrayal, lost love, greed, family strife, curses, and ultimate decisions that could not only change your life but also the fate of the people around you. 

Suspense. Horror. Revenge play. Occult. Demon. Supernatural. Modern fantasy.

Would you sell your soul? 2

Based on a story: Ren Kanan, Scenario: StoryWorks Jinko
Graphic: COMINO Team

The second part of this adventure, she becomes a great help to certain devil in fulfilling various human desires. What is the truth behind her deal with this devilish guy?

Suspense. Horror. Revenge play. Occult. Demon. Supernatural. Modern fantasy.
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